Aurora Pens

Aurora Pens

The Aurora pen company is one of the oldest producers of Italian fountain pens. The company designs its own pen models and constructs the nibs for its writing units. Aurora pens are a fine collectible, and the company offers a variety of writing devices including fountain and ballpoint pens.

Aurora Limited Edition Carlo Goldoni


In 1919, the Aurora pen company was founded in Torino, Italy. The company's creation occurred after the end of World War I. When the company's originators began considering a name for the business, they choose Aurora, which means dawn, to signify a new start. World War II brought destruction to the company's first office, and in 1954, Aurora relocated to a production site that was located just outside of Torino's central area. In 1970, the company outgrew the site and decided to expand to its current Torino location.

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Aurora Pens Today

Before the company introduces a new pen line, Aurora spends several years conducting research. Company experts review the products released by other major pen companies. Furthermore, they consider Italy's history while creating a new pen design. Aurora uses designers that are in-house as well as artisans from outside operations. Once Aurora's management team has approved a pen design, the creation is programmed into the company's production machines. However, Aurora also allows its crafters to design some of each pen's elements by hand.

Aurora Thesi Ballpoint Pen Chrome Satin Finish Italy

Aurora produces the steel and gold nibs that it uses for its pens, but it does not manufacture ink. Therefore, the company purchases ink from an independent supplier that completes extensive testing on its ink products. In fact, Aurora thoroughly tests each of its pens to make sure that they can withstand years of use. For instance, the company analyzes the clips and each pen's barrel strength.

Aurora Pen Models

Collectors can purchase vintage or new Aurora pens in different styles. The company offers a large number of pen models that include the Marco Polo, Hastil and Optima.

NOS Aurora Fountain Pen 14Kt Gold Nib w/Original Box

Marco Polo Ballpoint Pen

Aurora's Marco Polo ballpoint pen features a classic stainless steel barrel with black enhancements. The writing unit measures 5 3/8 inches long and has a raised ring embellishment around the center. As collectors inspect the pen, they may notice its stainless steel clip and the name "Aurora" embossed on the base. Some collectors may have the chance to buy a Marco Polo ballpoint pen with the writing device's striking Aurora storage case.

Aurora Marco Polo Fountain & Ballpoint Pen SetVintage Aurora Fountain Pen Made in Italy 1970's Series Marco Polo

Hastil Fountain Pen

During the 1970s, Aurora introduced the Hastil model fountain pen. The writing utensil's barrel is steel, and it includes a solid black section near the 14-karat gold nib. In addition, the Hastil's clip features extra movement, which permits the owner to attach the pen to clothing pockets made from materials in varying widths. The model uses ink cartridges, and collectors may have the opportunity to buy the pen with its original storage box.

Aurora Hastil Vermeil Gold over 925 Silver/14Ct Nib Fountain PenVintage Aurora Hastil Stainless Steel Fountain Pen 14K NibAurora Hastil 1970 Fountain Pen/Black Lacquer & Gold

Collectors can also purchase the Hastil model in gold and black with a jewel enhancement in the pen's cap. The gold version has a spring-loaded clip that sits flush against the cap as well as a rhodium-treated 14-karat gold nib.

Aurora 88 Fountain Pen

In 1995, the company released the Aurora 88 fountain pen. The writing device's base is black and silver. It also includes gold enhancements. The silver section of the pen features a striped pattern while the ring around the middle of the pen is gold. The ring section also features the name "Aurora" embossed lengthwise across it. In addition, the company made the clip from gold, and the pen's 14-karat gold nib includes an engraving of the name "Aurora."

1950 Aurora 88 by Marcello Nizzoli Gold CapVintage Aurora 88 Piston Fill Fountain Pen w/Original BoxAurora 88 Sterling Silver Cap Fountain PenAurora 88 13-19-450 Gold Plated Cap First Type1948-1952 Aurora 88 Fountain Pen

Collectors can also buy the Aurora 88 in black and brown. The pen's barrel is black, and the tip and the end sections are brown, which adds contrast and style to the writing unit. The Aurora 88 fountain pen has an 18-karat gold cap and a 14-karat gold nib. Aurora made the fountain pen to accept a piston-filling ink device while users will appreciate the added convenience of the transparent ink window to track the amount of ink in the writing unit. When the company produced the model, it included a stamp with the name "Aurora" in the brown section near the black part of the barrel.

Optima Fountain Pen

During the 90s, Aurora manufactured the 18-karat solid gold Optima fountain pen. The nib is also 18-karat gold, and the writing unit features a piston ink-filling element. The pen measures almost 5 inches long, and the base unit includes a diamond pattern. Aurora added a geometric pattern ring around the middle of the pen as well as black enhancements on the pen's tip and end sections.

Aurora Optima Blue Auroloide Gold Plated Trims RollerballAurora Optima Riflessi 925 Silver-Black Rollerball PenAurora Optima Demonstrator Fountain Pen Clear-Red


With Aurora's longtime history of manufacturing quality pens, collectors who purchase one will admire and enjoy using the stylish writing device.