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Cartier is one of today's most influential brands. Louis Francois Cartier founded the company in Paris during 1847, and the family ran it until 1964. Cartier's headquarters remain in Paris. Moreover, Compagnie Financiére Richemont SA retains the company as a subsidiary. Cartier is famous for producing high-end jewelry and prestigious watches. In fact, celebrities and royals often select Cartier brand jewelry when they purchase opulent products.

Lady Diabolo de Cartier fountain pen w blue Cabochon-18k white gold nib

In 1929, Cartier expanded its line to include writing devices. At the time, the company was struggling due to the economic climate and a political meltdown. Cartier remained in business by manufacturing more affordable items such as a paper-knife with a watch installed into the handle. The company also produced several pen lines that included a writing device combined with a watch. Some pen models were built flat instead of round with the timepiece located towards the top of the pen. Other versions featured a wide round top for the watch section. The company even released a notebook set with a timepiece installed into the notebook's cover. The set includes a gold pen attached to the side of the book. Collectors can purchase vintage Cartier pens in a variety of styles.

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Gold Vendome Rollerball Pen

The vintage Gold Vendome Rollerball pen features gold plating and detailing. Collectors may recognize the model from the maroon enhancement on the cap. The classic pen measures just over 5 inches with the cap locked into place. Furthermore, the company stamped its logo into the end of the writing unit.

Vintage 1980s Cartier Vendome 18k Gold Plate Trinity Rollerball Pen

Cartier produced various Vendome models including a gold version with a trinity gold ring design set near the top of the pen. The writing device's base features a stylish pattern, and the end has the Cartier brand molded into it.

Cartier Diablo Black Composite Platinum RollerballMust de Cartier 18K Gold Brushed Steel Limited Edition 1991 RollerballCartier Roadster Rollerball Pen1989 Pasha de Cartier Trinity - Sterling Silver Capped Rollerball Pen
Luxury Cartier roller-balls like these can be purchased on the internet at very reasonable prices!

Gold Vendome Fountain Pen

Cartier manufactured the Gold Vendome Fountain Pen in 1982. If collectors purchase the model, then they will need to buy Cartier Vendome ink cartridges, which are sold in a variety of colors, to use the item. The pen has a medium sized 18-karat gold nib. In addition, it measures just over 5 inches long. When collectors locate a vintage Gold Vendome Fountain pen, they will admire the unique ribbed pattern on the body. Frequently, pen sellers offer the writing instrument's original box and papers with the device.

Must De Cartier 18K Gold Vendome Fountain Pen 1986 Vintage Cartier Micron Gold Vendome Fountain PenMust De Cartier 18K Gold Vendome Fountain Pen w Box 1983
Any one of these elegant writing instruments would look great on my desk!

The company also manufactured the model in silver with gold embellishments. The silver pen features the name "Cartier" embossed near the end, and it has a trinity ring design close to the top with three bands in colors that include silver, pink gold and yellow gold. The pen is just over 5 inches long and includes 18-karat gold plating. In addition, the company added its logo to the writing instrument's end section.

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Cartier Fountain Pen

During the 1980s, Cartier manufactured fountain pens. Collectors can purchase a silver model that features a unique geometric pattern along with the company's popular trinity ring enhancement near the top. The company's logo is stamped into the end of the writing device, and collectors will surely appreciate discovering a collectible that includes the pen's original box and papers.

Cartier Pasha Blue Lacquer Platinum Plated Fountain PenMust De Cartier Black Lacquer Fountain Pen Solid GoldVintage Les Must De Cartier Vendome Fountain Pen w/BoxVintage Pasha De Cartier Red Stone-Gold Trim Fountain Pen 1986
Cartier has produced some of the most sought after luxury writing instruments on the planet!

Ladies Pen

Cartier produced the elegant Ladies ballpoint pen in black with gold trimmings. The writing device has a gold clip as well as a gold ring around the bottom of the cap and one near the end. The pen is 4 1/2 inches long, and collectors will admire the blue sapphire placed in the top. Owners can purchase cartridge refills to ensure that they'll be able to use the pen for many years.

Cartier Ladies Mini Diabolo Ball Point Pink Lacquer Pen ST #180067 Cartier Ladies Ballpoint w/Double C Charm Mode Model #ST 230001l
Two lovely Cartier ladies ballpoint pens.


During 1999, Cartier released a new version of its classic pen, watch and calendar combination. The pen features black lacquer and gold plated enhancements. In 2000, the company upgraded the writing device by offering consumers a platinum model. Cartier introduced the pens in limited versions. Therefore, collectors may consider buying one of these luxurious ballpoint pens to pass down to their children.

Must De Cartier Silver Plated Pallpoint PenCartier Diablo Ballpoint PenCartier Dandy Gold Plated Black Lacquer Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen
Cartier is a top player in the theater of designer luxury pen collectors.

Collectors can also buy a Cartier ballpoint pen that features a gold plated end section. It has a retractable tip and a silver base. In addition, the company added its logo to the end of the pen.

1990 Panthere De Cartier Silver-18K Gold Ltd. Edition Ballpoint1989 Must De Cartier Paris Fountain Pen w/Box 18kt Nib 7763671989 Must De Cartier 18K Gold Ltd Edition Green Malachite Ballpoint
A small sample of the many beautiful vintage Cartier ballpoints available!

The Cougar model is another Cartier ballpoint pen that collectors may consider buying. The version includes the company's trinity enhancement in the center of the writing device. The base of the pen is black and silver while the trinity design features yellow and white gold. The writing utensil measures 5 inches when collectors lock the cap into place.


Cartier is a brand that stands for quality and value. Moreover, the company manufactures its pens by hand. Therefore, collectors who buy a Cartier pen will have a lavish writing device that they will enjoy using.