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About Conklin Pens

In 1891, Roy Conklin received a patent for his fountain pen design. Later, in 1898, he began the Conklin Pen Company in Toledo, Ohio. During 1916, the pen innovator produced a spring-loaded pocket clip, and later in the 1920s, Conklin started sending his pens overseas to Europe and South America. In 1921, Conklin's Crescent Filler model became the market's top selling product. The company released a lever-filling version after the Sheaffer Pen Corporation experienced success with its Lever Filler writing device.

Vintage Conklin Black/Gold Crescent Filling Fountain Pen

In 1923, Conklin introduced the Duragraph model, which led to the company producing the Endura edition during 1924. Conklin noticed that the pen market was transitioning as his competitors displayed innovation with their pen designs. Therefore, he released the Symetrik pen in 1929, which was a streamlined model. During 1931, the Conklin Pen Company released a cutting-edge pen called the Nozak. The model's technological advancement was its piston-filling element. The last pen featuring design components from Roy Conklin was the Word Gauge edition. The company introduced the pen in 1934.

During 1938, a Chicago organization purchased Conklin. The company was then sold to the Starr Pen Company in 1941. After the sale, Starr did not add new pen models to the Conklin line, and in 1955, it stopped manufacturing them. However, the company reappeared as the Conklin Pen Company Incorporated in 2000. Modern Conklin pens feature elements from early models as well as contemporary innovations.

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Mark Twain and Conklin

During 1903, Mark Twain discovered the benefits of writing with a Conklin pen. He even endorsed the Crescent Filler model. During the advertisement, he said, "I prefer it to ten other fountain pens because it carries its filler in its own stomach, and I can not mislay even by art or intention. Also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver, it cannot roll off the desk." Collectors can purchase vintage advertising material that features the famous author.

Conklin Crescent 3NL Filler Model Fountain PenClose Up Conklin Crescent Filler Trade Mark Engraving
Mark Twain loved these Conklin Crescent filler models!

The Endura

Conklin began marketing the Endura pen in 1920. After its release, it quickly became the most popular writing device of the era. Collectors can acquire vintage models that include marbleized hues along with deep black. Newer versions of the pen feature a unique material, which is a European quality resin that the producer turned by hand. In fact, the material was created specifically for Conklin pens. With the cap on, the full size version will measure just over 5 inches. Collectors will notice the Conklin name embossed on the clip along with the gold-leaf enhancement. Vintage models have a 14-karat gold nib and a fine point.

Conklin Endura Fountain Pen/Pencil Boxed Set Standard Size BlackConklin Endura Jr Fountain Pen Sapphire blueVintage Conklin 1918 Fountain Pen Blue Marble EnduraVintage Conklin Fountain Pen Endura Set w/Original Box
Vintage Conklin Endura models are a highly sought after collectilbe by pen enthusiasts worldwide!

The Endura Symetrik

When collectors acquire an Endura Symetrik Conklin model, they will own a fine writing utensil. The pen has a 14-karat gold nib and trim as well as an ink sac and a lever filling system. Collectors can locate the Symetrik edition in different colors like golden brown or marigold with a marbleized pattern. Conklin embossed its name on the nib and the clip.

1932 Conklin Endura Symetrik Jade Green-Black Veined Fountain PenConklin Endura Symetrik Fountain Pen Ditto Gold Nib Slightly Flexible Bronze
Two beautiful Endura Symetrik pens!

The Nozak

Collectors can buy a classic Conklin Nozak fountain pen in colors like light and dark green, red and green with a marble pattern and silver and red. The writing unit has the Conklin name stamped on the nib and the clip. Vintage pen collectors can locate the model by the two gold rings around the cap and the ink-measuring guide.

Modern Conklin Nozak Limited Edition Fountain Pen Cap ViewModern Conklin Nozak Limited Fountain Pen Nib View1934 Conklin Nozak 12-Sided Fountain Pen/Herringbone pattern 1902 Conklin Pen Co. Nozac Toledo, Ohio USA 14K Gold Nib
The Nozak..what a beautiful pen!

The Glider

In 1939, the Conklin Company released the Glider pen. Once America entered World War II, the company decreased production. However, Conklin did continue manufacturing the model until the late 1940s. The writing device features an inverted barrel imprint in addition to a 14-karat solid gold nib. Vintage pen collectors can buy the pen in a blue and gold striped pattern. It also has a gold band around the base and a lever filling system.

Conklin Glider Fountain Pen in Coral Color/New w/Box1945 Conklin Chicago Glider Fountain Pen Gold-Gray Striped 14K Gold NibConklin Glider Fountain Pen in Ivory Color/New w/Box
The new Conklin Glider is a popular writing instrument today as well as the older vintage models.

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Ladies Fountain Pen

The Conklin Company produced diverse pens like its Ladies Fountain Pen. The writing unit measures 4 inches and features a gold nib with the company name stamped near the tip. Collectors can purchase the model with a shiny gold base and a checkerboard pattern on the pen's lower section.

Vintage Conklin Gold Filled Ladies Ring Top Fountain Pen Closed Full ViewConklin Gold Filled Ladies Ring Top Fountain Pen Separated View 1920's Conklin Green Fountain Pen Barrel Cap Demi Lady's
Many of the older Conklin Ladies fountain pens are absolutely beautiful!

Conklin Mechanical Pencils

During the 1920s, Conklin began manufacturing mechanical pencils. Collectors may locate vintage versions that feature a striking silver base. In addition, the device will have a Conklin stamp as well as the patent date. The pencil also includes a six-chambered compartment for storing extra lead.

Vintage Conklin Blue Ladies Pencil1930 Conklin Endura Symetrik Pencil
Above: Two Vintage Conklin Mechanical Pencils.
Below: A few beautiful Conklin Crescent pens.
Vintage Gold Filled Full Floral Overlay Conklin Crescent Fountain Pen1903 conklin 20 crescent 14kt toledo superflex 5-1/2Antique 1918 Conklin Crescent Gold Overlay Fountain Pen


When collectors invest in a vintage Conklin writing device, they will have a product that they can continue to use or set in a display.