Conway Stewart Pens

Conway Stewart is a classic pen company that has sold quality writing units for more than 100 years. Pen collectors can buy vintage and new Conway Stewart writing utensils in varying styles such as fountain and ballpoint pens. The company did not create specific titles for their pen designs. Consequently, the names of Conway Stewart pens are nicknames given to them by collectors.

Vintage Conway Stewart 58 Fountain Pen C-1956 Gold Filled Trim

Company History

Frank Jarvis and Tommy Garner started the Conway Stewart Company in 1905. The partners took a risk and left their secure jobs to begin the business. Jarvis and Garner opened their shop on Paternoster Row in London. In fact, the location was next to St. Paul's Cathedral. Initially, Conway Stewart imported pens from other manufacturers and resold them. The business associates quickly discovered that their clientele wanted quality writing utensils that were elegant and functional. Therefore, they focused on selling refined pens. Conway Stewart became one of the leading suppliers of fountain pens, and as a result, the company needed larger production facilities. Conway Stewart wound up moving several times.

In the 1920s, Conway Stewart acquired a trademark for the business name and extended its product list to include different filling mechanisms such as eyedroppers, pump fillers and lever fillers. Additionally, during the 20s, the company was working on its own design, and by 1924, Conway Stewart had applied for a patent for a pen model. The company also requested exclusive rights for a locking lever device.

The 1950s saw a temporary end to the classic Conway Stewart pens as the market began transitioning to cheap ballpoint pens. During the 1960s, the company was sold, and its production was moved to Wales. Later, in 1975, the manufacturing plant stopped making pens. Conway Stewart took a production break and began a period of research and development. The company later decided to restart production and focus on creating beautiful pens for buyers who would appreciate using a quality writing utensil. Consequently, Conway Stewart began a new era.

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About Celluloid and Pen Manufacturing

Celluloid is a durable plastic material that was introduced during the 1920s. With celluloid, pen manufacturers could create their writing devices in a variety of colors. Conway Stewart embraced the material and began constructing pens for all types of consumers. Furthermore, the company could offer quality pens at affordable prices.

The Dinkie

During 1922, Conway Stewart introduced a small line of pens, which became known as the "Dinkie Series." At first, the company only produced the pen in black and red. However, within a year, Conway Stewart began offering the model in various colors. Originally, the pen was advertised as a waistcoat pocket pen for men, but later, it became a popular ladies pen.

Conway Stewart Dinkie 550 Blue Marble 14K NibConway Stewart Dinkie 550 Green Marble Fountain Pen & pencil boxed setConway Stetart Le Tigre 18KT Rolled Gold Dinkie Fountain PenVintage Conway Stewart
Every collector needs a "Dinkie" in their Conway Stewart display!

The Duro

Conway Stewart launched the "Duro Series" in 1924. With its traditional lines and classic styling, collectors who add a Duro model pen to their collection will have a valuable addition. The writing unit features 18-karat gold bands for style variation along with a gold nib. Furthermore, the company made the base from resin and included the British Assay Office logo on the device.

The Dandy

In the 1930s, the company released the "Dandy Fountain Pen." The model features a classic style. Furthermore, it was originally popular with men who enjoyed dressing up when they spent a night out on the town. In 2005, the company released a new version of the "Dandy."

The Dandy Pen-Conway Stewart Pen/Pencil SetConway Stewart Dandy Fountain Pen 18K NibAmber Conway Stewart Dandy Fountain Pen 18kt NIB Limited 479 of 500
A few samples of the luxurious "Dandy Pen" by Conway Stewart.

The Gold Collection

During the 1990s, Conway Stewart introduced a line of pens constructed from solid gold. The line displayed master English artisanship in multiple areas such as engraving, enameling and hand painting. If collectors intend to add a Conway Stewart gold pen to their collection, then they should be prepared to pay up to $18,000 for the writing device. The company gave two of its Gold Collection pens to Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

The Churchill Model

In 1996, Conway Stewart launched its Churchill model to honor Sir Winston Churchill's life and respect his immense interest in literature and writing, which he enjoyed throughout his life. In fact, according to rumors, Churchill used a Conway Stewart pen during the war years. The Churchill model features handmade resin and gold band enhancements as well as an 18-karat gold large nib. Conway Stewart produced the pen in varying colors including classic black. Furthermore, Prime Minister Blair gave Russian President Putin a burgundy Churchill model Conway Stewart pen when he visited the country. Blair also gave a brown marble Churchill pen to French President Jacques Chirac for the president's 70th birthday.

Conway Stewart Churchill Limited Edition RollerballConway Stewart Bracket Brown Churchill Fountain Pen Extra FineConway Stewart Limited Edition Winston Churchill fountain Ink Pen Cigar WW2
The Conway Stewart "Churchill" edition is a fantastic & highly sought after collectible!


Conway Stewart pens are fun to collect since they feature bright colors and unique designs. Additionally, the pens are durable, and vintage versions are likely to retain their usability.