Cross Pens-Pencils

Richard Cross introduced his first stylish writing device in 1846 and became America's first pen manufacturer. He acquired over 21 official patents during his many years of pen production. By procuring the certified documents, the A.T. Cross Company was able to release a number of innovative writing instrument designs. For instance, the company introduced the propel-repel mechanical pencil. The device was a precursor to modern automatic pencils. The A.T. Cross Company also launched the Stylographic pen, which is the forerunner to the ballpoint and changed the way fountain pens were made. A Cross Stylographic pen is one of the most collectible writing devices today. It was the first fountain pen to have enough strength to make carbon copies. In addition, the model also had a hollow nib along with a wire that acted as the valve. In fact, after the pen's release, The United States Post Office insisted that its workers use Stylographic pens.

New Cross 22K Gold Lincoln Styler Pen/Pencil SEt

In 1857, Cross moved to Rhode Island and opened his pen production site. The company remains in Rhode Island today. Initially, the factory manufactured pencil cases as well as pens built from gold and silver. Cross also made products such as cigar holders. In 1916, Walter R. Boss purchased the company, and during the 1920s, he brought his son Ellery on-board. Later, his son W. Russell also joined the company. In the 1930s, A.T. Cross began producing standard fountain pens. Today, the company makes numerous products including ballpoint and gel ink pens along with mechanical pencils, select tip rolling ballpoint and multifunction writing instruments.

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During the 1940s, the company stopped making its fountain pen line and switched to ballpoint, rollerball and soft tip writing devices. A.T. Cross has not changed its design of these pens since 1946. In the same year, the company also introduced a new logo called the Century. When collectors begin searching for a vintage Cross pen, they should look at the device's black ring, which is near the top of the mechanism. If the ring is smaller than other Cross models, then it is a more valuable collectible.

Cross Sterling Silver Century II Fountain Pen med nibNew Cross 18k Pure White Gold/Platinum Fountain Pen1993 Presidential Inauguration Bill Clinton Cross Townsend1996 cross Townsend Gold/Lapis Lazuli Fountain PEn
These Cross pens would make a great addition to any collection!

Art Deco Cross Pen

The company introduced the eye-catching Art Deco pen in the 1930s. The writing device is made from gold and chrome. It also has black enamel enhancements. Initially, the company thought the Art Deco ink pen would not sell as well as the pencil. However, sales took off, and that model became one of the company's best-selling products. A.T. Cross produced the pen through 1940 and brought it back in 1982.

Desk Sets

In the 1960s, A.T. Cross released quality desk kits featuring a pen and pencil along with a walnut storage case. If collectors find a complete kit, then it will have the Cross nameplate and a solid walnut desk set, which will adorn the desktop of collectors. Furthermore, the kit's pen and pencil are made from 10-karat gold.

Cross Metropolis Set Rollerball/BAllpoint NOSCross 18K Rolled Gold Ballpoint Pen/Propelling PEncil SetCross Polished Delta Chrome Pen/Pencil setCross Victorinox Ballpoint Pen/Swiss Army Knife
A few samples of some nice Cross Pen sets. Check out the original Swiss Army Knife set!

Cross 1082 Silver Pen

During 1982, the company introduced its 1082 Silver Pen. Collectors will recognize it by the green storage box and the Cross logo embossed on the clip. With a silver pen, collectors will have a traditional writing piece in their display.

Judd's Sterling Silver Cross Fountain Pen w/18K Gold Nib

Emerald Cross Pen

The Emerald Cross pen is another writing instrument for collectors to consider acquiring. The style is a ballpoint , and consumers may find writing devices for sale that include their original storage box. The pen is silver with a black top. It also features a yellow tag on the clip with the Emerald logo stamped in green.

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Cross Emblem Pens

The company made a variety of writing instruments featuring company logos like GE, Aetna and RC Cola in addition to Umbrella Travelers Insurance. A.T. Cross sold them with storage boxes. Furthermore, the writing device's material is 10-karat gold filling, and collectors will find the company logo on the clip. The pen also has a black top and a silver tip.

Cross ATX Medalist Fountain Pen Med Nib New

Black and Gold Fountain Pen

When collectors purchase a vintage Cross Black and Gold fountain pen, they will add a traditional item in their collection. The base features a gold band and clip. In addition, the clip has the Cross logo stamped near the top. The classic fountain pen also features a gold nib with the Cross brand embossed near the tip.

Cross Ladies Pens

The A.T. Cross Company made a number of slim model pens, which it designed for women as the device features a smaller diameter. Collectors will find the model in gold and silver with the Cross brand stamped onto the device's clip. Cross also produced mechanical pencils. The writing implements feature a durable metal exterior base and attractive enhancements like roses or a subtle striped design.

Classic CRoss matte Black Lady's ballpoint pen/pencil setvintage Ladies cross 14K Gold Filled Pen/Pencil set
Cross Ladies pen sets have always been popular gifts.


Vintage Cross pens & pencils signify quality, and when collectors purchase a classic model, they will have a writing device that they will want to keep.