Delta Pens

Since 1982, talented craftsmen have been constructing Delta pens in southern Italy. Furthermore, collectors are likely to appreciate adding a Delta writing unit to their collection as the company uses quality materials for each pen that it produces.

Company History

When Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente became business partners, they created the Delta pen company. During the manufacturing process, Delta artisans review each area of production. Moreover, to compete successfully in the pen industry, the company buys the best construction materials. Delta is also interested in expanding the innovative elements of the pen market. Therefore, the company focuses on modern technology and creates new pen lines from exotic materials. In addition, Delta pens are made with fine, medium and broad nibs. The company also uses nibs that are steel and gold. In fact, Delta's Extrema collection is a product of the company's rigorous research method since the collection features carbon fiber and titanium. Frequently, Delta offers its prestigious and limited writing devices to Ministers and world leaders.

Delta Hans Christian Andersen Special Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Memorable Events and Launches

In July 1994, Delta was the sponsor of the G7 Summit. Furthermore, the Summit was held in Naples, Italy. Seven major economic nations sent their leaders to the gathering, and Delta gave each of them a limited edition collection.

During 1995, Delta reintroduced the lateral lever mechanism, which is an antique ink filling system. Later, in 1998, the company was selected to design a special pen for the city of Venice. When the city's mayor received the writing unit, he declared that it was Venice's official pen. Readers of "Pen World" magazine awarded the model with the Best Limited Edition award during 1998.

Delta Maori Limited Edition Fountain PenDelta Fountain Pen La Citta Reale 1Ks Limited EditionDelta Dolce Vita Star Collection Julius Caeser Limited Edition

Delta Pen Models

Pen collectors can purchase different writing device models designed by Delta including the Pen for Peace, Titanio and Capri.

Delta Pen for Peace

The Unione for Christian Onlus, or UPC, organization requested a pen for the 25th anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution. The organization commissioned a pen for the Holy Father Benedetto XVI. One of Delta's expert designers created the writing unit, and the company's skilled artisans constructed it. Delta made the Pen for Peace from solid gold. In addition, the writing device is encased in a special enamel from Florence. The company's crafters included the word "Peace" on the base in several different languages. Delta added 105 brilliant cut diamonds to the pen, and when collectors purchase the model, they will receive an eye-catching storage box.

Delta Pen for Peace Limited EditionDelta Peace Limited Edition Fountain Pen/Shown in Halves

Delta Capri Pen

Collectors can purchase a Blue Grotto Delta Capri pen. However, they should keep in mind that the company limited its production to just 2500 units, and it may be expensive to buy. The writing device is available in two versions. Delta constructed a large unit for men and a smaller version for women. Furthermore, the company made the larger model in dark blue while the smaller pen is light blue. Both writing devices feature silver enhancements including the pen's clip, which also has a swoop design. The silver ring around the base bears a wavy element and the cap has a ring near the bottom and top sections.

Delta Capri Night Ballpoint Pen Smooth Ink Flow RefillDelta Capri Night Ballpoint Pen Separated ViewDelta Capri La Piazzetta Light Blue Silver fountain Pen

Delta Titanio Pen

Delta's Titanio Pen features a streamlined design. Therefore, when collectors purchase the writing device, they will have an elegant pen in their collection. The pen has a black base as well as silver enhancements.

Delta Titanio Black Titanium Fountain Pen/Med Nib

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Delta Hippocratica Pen

The pen company made the Hippocratica model as a fountain pen and a ballpoint unit. Delta designed the writing device to honor the Hippocratic Oath that healthcare professionals take when they begin their medical career. Both pens feature oversized construction. In addition, the writing device's base is blue while the tip section has red and silver enhancements. The silver clip includes a unique design element as it features the Rod of Asclepius, which is a serpent intertwined around a wooden staff. The pen model also has a silver ring around the base's center. The company included the words "Delta Italy Hippocratica Collection" embossed lengthwise along the base. Furthermore, the pen features a cap jewel with a depiction of the first medical diploma emblem.

Delta Hippocratica Limited Edition Fountain Pen Fine Nib 18KDelta Hippocratica Blue Silver Docotr's Ballpoint Pen

Delta Dolcevita Pen

The Delta Company manufactured the Dolcevita pen in several different models including medium, stout, mini and undersized. Collectors will appreciate the pen's color variation, which features a black cap and a golden yellow base. In addition, the writing device's barrel has a stylish silver embellishment and clip. The Dolcevita unit is a fountain pen and each model features slight variations. For instance, the undersized model has golden loops around the silver middle ring while the oversized version features a gold ring around the bottom of the cap.

Delta Dolce Vita Star Collection Julius Caeser Limited EditionDelta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Gray Shadow Demonstrator Lmtd Ed.Delta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Gray Shadow Demonstrator Limited Edition-Cap ViewDelta Dolce Vita Stout Black Orange Sterling Trim Rollerball


Delta uses innovation combined with classic design elements to create its pens, and as a result, collectors who buy one of the company's writing devices will have an item that is characterized by its value and cutting-edge style.