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In 1893, Alfred Dunhill inherited his father's saddle company. Dunhill was just 21 years old at the time, and he decided to restructure the business by focusing on automobiles. He called the company Dunhill's Motorities and began producing all of the parts needed for a car except the motor. In 1903, Dunhill's Motorities built the first clock made for a car's dashboard, which resulted in the company producing timepieces. During 1905, Dunhill received a patent for the Windshield Pipe. The innovation permitted drivers to smoke while they were driving.

Dunhill Pen AD2000 Carbon Fibre Ballpoint

In 1907, the innovator left Dunhill's Motorities and started selling tobacco, pipes and cigars. During 1910, Dunhill opened a pipe manufacturing plant and expanded his business by establishing stores in New York City and Paris. After introducing the first lighter that smokers could light with just one hand, he discovered the pen industry. In 1928, Dunhill and Namiki, who is the inventor of Pilot pens, began working together. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a striking lacquered pen. The two men hired Gonroku Matsuda to oversee their new pen project, and Matsuda included the Dunhill and Namiki logos in the new writing device's design. The pen quickly became popular. Moreover, notable personalities, such as the Emperor of Thailand and Valentino, discovered the pen.

When World War II erupted, the partnership ended. Later, in 1996, the two companies began working together again to produce a new line of their collectible writing devices. The companies produce Dunhill Namiki pens in limited numbers, and since crafters make each writing device by hand, they are extremely valuable. In fact, it takes artisans more than three months to complete one pen.

Today, Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. manufactures a variety of high-end products including leather items, menswear and accessories. Richemont currently owns the company, and it is located in London.

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Dunhill Ballpoint Pens

Collectors can purchase vintage Dunhill ballpoint pens for their collections. For instance, the designer made a steel and gold classic ballpoint pen that includes a twist action mechanism to extend the tip. The company made the cap and barrel sections from steel while the clip is gold. The cap band features the Dunhill label, which the company also stamped on the base. Some sellers may include the original box with the pen's purchase.

Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre Ballpoint PenDunhill Sentryman Ballpoint Pen Black w/Gold AccentsVintage Dunhill Gold Ball Point Pen w/Original Box
Vintage Dunhill ballpoint pens are popular amongst collectors & hobbyists alike!

1970s Dunhill Ballpoint Pen

When collectors purchase a 1970s Dunhill ballpoint pen, they will have a writing device that features a gold barrel and cap along with a striped pattern on the base. The company embossed the name Dunhill on the clip along with the pen's manufacturing location, which was Germany.

Dunhill 1970s Brushed Silver Mechanical Pencil/GermanDunhill AD2000 Azure Blue Gold 9mm Pencil w/BoxDunhill Mechanical Pencil Sterling Silver Torpedo
A variety of Dunhill mechanical pencils from vintage to new.

Slim Ballpoint Pen

If collectors prefer vintage pieces, then they can purchase a slim ballpoint pen produced by Dunhill. With its unique barley pattern and classic silver base, collectors will enjoy adding the slim pen to their display. The pen measures 5-1/2 inches and includes the company logo on the end of the clip.

Vintage Dunhill Silver Plate 5.5 inch Slim Ballpoint Pen Barley

Dunhill Fountain Pens

The Alfred Dunhill Company makes stylish fountain pens. Collectors can buy the Vermeil 925 model, which features an 18-karat gold italic nib and a gold body. The pen has a cartridge ink converter, and the company stamped the manufacturing location of Germany on the base.

Unique Alfred Dunhill Rectangular Gold Fountain Pen w/Red AccentsVintage Dunhill Square Shaped Gold Plated Fountain & Rollerball Pen SetDickson Trinity 18Karat Solid Gold Fountain Pen Dunhill/14K Fine NibDunhill Black Lacquer CC Fountain Pen 14K Calligraphy Nib
Any one of these beautiful Dunhill fountain pens would enhance any collection!

Collectors are likely to enjoy adding a G.M.T. limited edition Alfred Dunhill fountain pen to their writing device collection. The pen has a bezel, which turns to different cities to determine the distance from each city on the device to Greenwich. It also includes time zone information for the listed cities. Since the company produced the pen in limited quantities, each one is numbered. In some cases, the model may be available with its original pen box and manual.

With its red and silver base, the Dunhill Sidecar Victorian fountain pen is an eye-catching writing device. The silver cap includes a stylish design. Moreover, the pen has an 18-karat gold nib, and collectors can buy the pen with an ink converter. Frequently, the pen storage box is included in the purchase.

Dunhill Tortoise Shell Sidecar Fountain PenDunhill Sidecar Mechanical Pencil Resin-Palladium/NUZ4000
Two Dunhill Sidecars, a fountain pen and mechanical pencil.

The Dunhill Sidecar Mini is another collectible fountain pen. It features resin coating along with a silver nib and a raised pattern. The clip is also silver, which creates a striking contrast against the pen's black base.

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When collectors buy the Dunhill sidecar, they will have a timeless writing unit. The model is available in a tortoiseshell lacquer design that includes silver embellishments.


Alfred Dunhill pens are finely crafted to ensure quality and longevity. Whether collectors buy a new or old Dunhill pen, they will have a writing device that they are sure to cherish.