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The Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, or OMAS, is an Italian company that makes fountain pens, ink, writing utensils and luxury products. Armando Simoni began the company in 1925. He also manufactured the gear and tools required to make the company's pens. OMAS products are opulent, and consumers should expect to pay top dollar for the Italian company's merchandise. Today, the company continues to produce pens, such as limited edition writing devices, in Italy.

Vintage OMAS Paragon Rollerball w/Boxes & PapersOmas Sterling-Black Arte Italiana Precious Facets Rollerball

The First OMAS Nib

In 1918, Armando Simoni designed and produced the first OMAS nib. In fact, the innovator displayed a remarkable technical ability when he created the nib. As a result, the writing implement was highly respected by industry experts and became the most popular model. When early reviewers assessed the first OMAS nib, they determined that the device featured extraordinary flexibility and easy compliance for the user.

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Arte Italiana

During 1929, Armando Simoni introduced the OMAS Extra. The pen's design is similar to an ancient Greek architectural element known as the Doric column, which features 12 sides. While manufacturing the pen, Simoni struggled with the color limitations that were available with a common pen material called ebonite. He found that celluloid offered striking color options. In addition, the material is lightweight and durable since it can withstand pressure and impacts. Celluloid does not react negatively to ink, and users will appreciate its smooth texture.

Omas Arte Italiana Red Ballpoint PenOmas Arte Italiana Paragon Black HT Ballpoint PenOmas Arte Italiana Milford Black-Gold Ballpoint PenOmas Arte Italiana Paragon Fountain Pen NOS 1990s EF Nib
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While Simoni was creating his pen with celluloid, he had to overcome several challenges such as size variations and shifting colors. The pen designer's original production process is still used today to create writing devices. Furthermore, the company has continued to produce the model with changes that include different sizes, colors and materials. In fact, if a consumer purchases a new OMAS pen, then the utensil's construction may have taken more than 350 days. Modern Arte Italiana pens feature a large clip and a sleek design. OMAS has replaced the model's three-band pattern, and now the pen has one band that includes the company's logo. The writing device also displays the model name and has a circle on the cap.

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The Demonstrator model features a crystal barrel and a band with a Greek Key style. The nib's design emits a smooth fine line, and collectors can buy the pen in a color combination of transparent and red. The clip, nib and band are gold. In addition, the pen has the OMAS name stamped on the base.

Omas Gold Demonstrator Fountain Pen w/Box-PapersOmas Demonstrator Blue Transparent Fountain Pen Med NibVintage Turquoise Rose Gold Limited Edition DemonstratorExtremely Rare Oversize Omas 360 for Zenith AmberVintage Oversize OMAS 360 for Zenith Amber Demondtrator Close up View of Engraved Band
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OMAS 360

Collectors can buy a vintage 360 OMAS pen in scarlet red. The base is translucent, and the pen's silver trim adds to its lavish style. The model is a fountain pen, and it includes an innovative triangle shape to give users a flawless grip as well as a unique nib angle, which ensures that the user enjoys writing with the device. In addition, the model has an 18-karat gold nib and a piston ink-filling feature.

Omas 360 Pen/BlackLarge Omas 360 Tri-Sided Deco PenOmas 360 Yellow Mezzo Fountain Pen w/Chrome Band-Fine NibOmas 360 Blue Black w/Gold Trim Magnum Fountain Pen
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The company also made a rollerball edition under the 360 model. The writing device is rare, and frequently, vintage pen collectors sell the pen with its original leather case and papers. OMAS also made the 360 in turquoise and black.

OMAS Extra 361B

In 1956, OMAS introduced the Extra 361B. A well-known competitor attempted to purchase the patent for a million dollars, but the company refused the offer. The pen gives owners the unique ability to write in three different ways with the same nib. For instance, collectors can use the pen to write in calligraphy, flexible style print and ballpoint lettering.

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The Paragon

Prestigious pens found a revival in the 1980s, and OMAS released the Paragon in 1985. The company's plan was to implement design elements from past styles to gain the same interest that early pen buyers displayed. The model has an 18-karat gold nib, which features an arrow design. The clip and rings are also gold with a geometric pattern. In addition, the model is a fountain pen and includes a piston filling system. Collectors can buy the vintage pen in black, and the company stamped its OMAS label on the center of the device's base.

Omas Paragon Fountain PenOmas Paragon Fountain Pen Black/White MarbledOmas Paragon Black/White Marbled Close Up Engraving on Band
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Modern OMAS Pens

The company presently makes unique pens like the Doctor's pen, which has a small clinical thermometer incorporated into the base. OMAS still produces the Paragon model, which is its largest pen. Collectors can buy the modern Paragon in bright colors like yellow and navy blue while the nib is silver and gold with the OMAS brand engraved into the top section of the nib.

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When collectors wish to own a treasured pen, they should buy an OMAS writing device. The brand stands for quality, and the addition will ensure a well-rounded collection.