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In the 1940s, Patrick J. Frawley began in the pen industry. Specifically, he started a company that manufactured ballpoint pen parts. In 1949, the Frawley Pen Company produced a new ink, which dried instantly and brought the pen industry a revolution. The pen that the company released to the market with this quick drying ink was the Paper Mate pen.

1959 Vintage Paper Mate Capri Mark III Ball Point Pen & Pencil Set

In 1953, the Frawley Pen Company broke an advertising record by setting its marketing budget at $2 million. At the time, this was the most a pen company had ever spent on marketing. With the expanded advertising funds, the company was able to hire Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Burns and Gracie Allen to promote its pens.

The Gillette Company purchased the Frawley Pen Company in 1955 and added a separate division to manufacture pens. The company introduced the Flair Pen in 1966, which featured a porous point. Later, the writing unit was known as the Tempo. Today, pen collectors will find it as the Nylon pen. During the late 1960s, Paper Mate introduced a refill unit that would allow users to write at any angle. In fact, the pen refill would even allow people to write upside down.

Vintage Papermate Two Hearts Ballpoint Pen/Pencil Boxed SetVintage Paper Mate Ball Point Pen 1959 Capri-Original Box1959 Papermate Capri Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Set/2 Hearts
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The company introduced a new product line in 1971, which it called "Write Bros." Currently, the Paper Mate division of Gillette develops approximately 600 million Write Bros pens each year. In the late 1970s, Paper Mate launched a writing device that featured erasable ink. The company had to pressure the ink flow to permit people to write at various angles with the pen model.

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Today, collectors will recognize a classic Paper Mate pen from the two hearts logo that the company adds to its writing devices. Vintage models are available, and collectors can purchase Paper Mate's classic ballpoint black pen with a chrome-plated cap. The lower section of the pen is black while the upper section is chrome. Collectors will locate the company's two hearts design on the clip. The writing device also features a clicking mechanism to activate the tip.

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Paper Mate manufactures classic wood pencils that are produced from fine woods and polymers. The company's wood pencils have a thin core, which allows people to create detailed writing. Also, the company's pencils are available in various colors for marking schoolwork or for use in a business environment.

Collectors can purchase vintage Flair Paper Mate pens that feature a blue base as well as the Paper Mate USA logo on the clip. The tip, clip and clicking mechanism are chrome. Furthermore, the pen has a chrome enhancement in the middle of the base.

1980s Paper Mate Ballpoint Pen/Pencil Set Vintage NOSVintage Space Age Paper Mate Mark III Capri Ball Point Pen
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