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In 1888, George Safford Parker began the Parker Pen Company in Janesville, Wisconsin. Newell Rubbermaid is the current owner, and the company is now in Newhaven, East Sussex, England. Parker acquired his first patent for a fountain pen in 1889, and in 1894, he applied for a patent to protect his Lucky Curve innovation. The device drew extra ink back into the pen's base when a writer was not using it. Parker produced pens with the Lucky Curve device until 1928.

Parker 61 Circa 1969 English

Beginning in the 1920s, Parker's sales for writing devices were either number one or number two in the world. The company remained at the top until the 1960s. As a master inventor, Parker made Quink, which is a fast drying ink. He created the innovation in 1931, and with the product, writers no longer needed to blot their work. During 1941, Parker began producing the Parker 51, and the pen became the most used fountain pen in history. In fact, the company made more than $400 million because of the pen's creation.

Blue Gold Parker 45 Converter Fountain Pen 14K Med NibVintage Parker 51 Fountain Pen 1947 Blue Diamond VACParker 75 Sterling Silver Cisele Fountain Pen MaroonParker 180 Gold-Black Spiral Torsade Pattern Fountain PenParker 50 Falcon Flighter Fountain Pen w/Gold Plated Trim
A few samples of highly sought after "number models" amongst Parker pen collectors.

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Parker Pen Facts

The company's reliable reputation meant that it was used to sign important historical documents such as World War II peace agreements. In addition, Parker made commemorative editions of their popular models.

Parker 75 Sterling Silver 1960s Fountain PenVintage Parker Fountain Pen 1937 Deluxe Challenger SeniorParker Sonnet Fougere Sterling Silver Rollerball


Today, collectors will find a number of Parker pens on the market with writing devices like the Duofold model from the 1920s. Pen experts consider the model to be the company's flagship. Therefore, collectors who add the edition to their display will have a valuable piece in their collection. When acquiring a Parker Duofold pen, be sure to look for the solid 14-carat gold nib. Collectors will locate the Duofold model in a variety of colors, but the green device is striking and features gold trim with the Parker logo embossed on the clip.

1916 Parker Duofold Lucky Curve Fountain Pen OrangeHuge early Parker Duofold Maxima Big Solid 14K Gold NibVintage Parker Slimfold Fountain Pen w/14K Gold NibParker Blue Victory Aerometric Fill Fountain PenVintage Parker Premiere Fountain Pen/Chinese Laque s18K
Vintage Parker Duofold's and many other beautiful models are fairly easy to find on eBay.


During the first few months of 1927, Parker released a line of smaller pens with slender features that they marketed to women called Pastel pens. They featured bright colors and quickly became popular due to their size and color options. Collectors will find the vintage model on today's market in colors like true blue and magenta. They will recognize the edition by the gold clip that includes the company logo. In addition, the classic writing device features button ink filling and a matching pencil. Parker manufactured the nib from 14-karat gold. Furthermore, collectors should look for the gold band around the base of the pen.

Early Parker 65 Custom Insignia Gold Lined Sr Set Parker 51 Pen-Pencil Set/Vacumatic Blue Diamond w/BoxVintage Fountain Pen Parker 51 in Original BoxNew Old Stock Parker Duofold International Black Ballpoint Pen
Vintage boxed Parker pens, pencils & sets, particularly NOS, are a terrific addition to any display!


In 1932, the Parker Company began selling affordable school pens called the Duette. They released very little advertising for the writing units. In fact, the only marketing that Parker published for the pens were small inserts in merchandise catalogs. The company also referred to the model as the Thriftime pen.


When collectors locate a Parco pen, they'll have one of Parker's first lever filled writing devices. The model features a ball clip that the company bolted onto the cap with four rivets, which is unique from other Parker versions as they had washer clips held tight with a clip screw. Furthermore, the Parco has a stepped chevron design. Collectors will know that they have the right pen when they see the four cap rings. Two are located over the clip while the other two are near the cap lip. In addition, the company stamped the pen name on the side.

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In 1933, the Parkette made its appearance. When collectors come across an old Parkette pen, they may find colors like black, burgundy and black marble along with grey and red. Later, the company released the pen in a green marble style while succeeding editions were opaque. Parker also released pencils, and collectors may be fortunate enough to come across Parkettes with a button ink-filling unit. The company stamped each pen with the name Parkette and the country where it was manufactured. The pen features a similar design to the Parco model, but with a Parkette, the company added a different clip with a point at the top.

Silver Vacumatic

Another collectible pen is the Parker Oversize Silver Vacumatic. Parker produced the writing device in 1935. It features the company's classic wavy line pattern, and collectors will recognize it by its black base and gold striping.

Vintage Parker Vacumatic Maxima Fountain Pen1945 Azure Blue Pearl Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen
Two nice Vacumatic's from Parker

With Parker brand pens, collectors will add a valuable piece to their vintage pen display. When collectors choose Parker pens, they'll have a device that is still likely to help them produce quality writing. Furthermore, each classic Parker pen is a quality item that collectors can pass down to their future generations.