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Rolex Pens

Rolex is famous for manufacturing luxury watches. However, over the years, the company has expanded its product line. Today, consumers can purchase Rolex key chains, knives, pens and even mechanical pencils.

Rolex History

In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, who was Wilsdorf's brother-in-law, began the Rolex Company in London. Initially, the two men called the company Wilsdorf and Davis. The company started as an importer of Hermann Aegler's Swiss movements, or internal clock pieces, to England. Once Wilsdorf and Davis received the clock mechanisms, they would install them into high-end watchcases produced by Dennison and other companies. After constructing the watch, Wilsdorf and Davis sold them to local jewelers. In most cases, the jewelers would add their own name to the watch before selling it to a customer.

Rolex Custom Made Watchface Fountain Pen
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In 1908, Wilsdorf changed the company's name to Rolex and expanded by opening an office in Switzerland. Rolex frequently sends a portion of its logo merchandise directly to its suppliers. Therefore, collectors may have trouble acquiring them. However, Rolex pens are available for consumers to purchase.

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Rolex Mechanical Pencil

The Parker Company released a mechanical pencil during the 1950s with the Rolex logo. The writing instrument features the name "Rolex" stamped near the pencil's end along with the company's crown logo on each side of the Rolex stamp. The pencil is gold-plated, and the clip is designed to look like an arrow. Its detail includes depressions at the top of the clip to depict feathers. Parker embossed its name near the bottom of the cap.

Rolex Ballpoint Pens

When collectors purchase a vintage Rolex pen from the 1960s, they'll have a unique writing utensil. For instance, the Israeli sterling silver ballpoint pen features decorative figures of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The pen is 4-3/4 inches long and includes an attached star tab that is embossed with "Rolex Israel."

Vintage Rolex Merkur Tribes of Israel Bezalel Works Silver Design Pen SetVintage Sterling Silver Repousse Rolex Ballpoint Pen 12 Tribes of Israel

The gold President Rolex pen is another ballpoint writing instrument for collectors to consider purchasing. The end of the pen features a twisting device to expel the writing tip while the clip includes a classic ball on its end as well as the name "Rolex"embossed near the top. The clip also features the company's crown logo. Since the writing device includes 18-karat yellow gold triple plating, it is a valuable collectible.

Rolex produces a stainless steel and gold ballpoint pen, which offers collectors a sophisticated style. The pen's clip features an engraving of the Rolex name along with the company's crown symbol. The pen's base and clip are silver while the tip is gold. Furthermore, Rolex embellished the pen with two gold bands near the top of the device.

Rolex Pen VIP GiftRolex Pen VIP Gift Emblem Close UpTraditional Rolex Green w/Gold Plated Clip-Push Button

Consumers can purchase new Rolex pens such as the green Caran d'Ache. The writing unit features a yellow gold-plated clip and the company name stamped into the base near the end. The company's crown logo is included on each side of the Rolex name while the top is also yellow gold to add contrast and visual interest.

Rolex Rollerball Pens

The Platinum Finish Rolex pen is a rollerball model. The writing instrument features an engraved wave design along the barrel as well as the company's crown symbol etched into the end. The top of the pen includes the Rolex crown circled around it, and when users turn the crown, they will adjust the tip's depth.

Pen collectors can also purchase a Rolex rollerball model that features a bright yellow base with a wheat pattern embossed into the body. The pen has the Rolex name stamped near the clip in addition to a black ring at the top of the writing unit.

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Rolex Stationary Sets

Collectors may enjoy adding a traditional Rolex stationary set to their collection. Options include a gold Rolex pen with a leather bound notepad. The pen is a gold-plated rollerball model with the Rolex name embossed on the base while the green leather cover features a jubilee pattern.

The plain green leather bound notebook set is another stationary kit for collectors to consider buying. The notebook features the Rolex crown logo on the bottom right-hand corner. Moreover, the interior includes paper and a plastic sleeve for storage. The stationary set contains a Rolex ballpoint pen in green with the company's name stamped near the end along with the Rolex crown on both sides of the name stamp.

Rolex Pen in Wave Platinum FinishRolex Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen 18kt Yellow GoldRolex Pen Made by Caran D' Ache Blue Ink Green w Gold clip Swiss


A luxury pen offers a pleasurable writing experience. In addition, collectors will appreciate the admiring glances that they're sure to receive when they use their stylish Rolex pen to sign the credit card receipt as they pay the dinner check.