S.T. Dupont Luxury Pens

S.T. Dupont Pens

The brand name S.T. Dupont offers consumers products like handbags, perfumes, lighters and luxury pens. During 1971, Gillette bought 48 percent of the company's stock, and later, in 1987, Dickson Concepts purchased the company.

S.T. Dupont History

During the 1800s, Simon Tissot Dupont owned a carriage company. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed it in 1872. However, the businessman had purchased a leather briefcase workshop earlier in the year, and after the fire, he focused on his new company. Dupont's leather briefcases were finely crafted. Thus, numerous businessmen and diplomats purchased them. In 1884, Dupont became a supplier for Paris's Les Grands Magasins du Louvre, which was one of the largest stores in the world.

S.T. Dupont 2005 Medici Limited Olympio X-LgFountain Pen

In 1919, Simon Dupont passed the company down to his sons, Lucien and Andre, who registered the business under the name Les Fils de S.T. Dupont, which means the Sons of S.T. Dupont. With the Dupont boys in charge, the company hired expert artisans to produce high-end travel bags and accessories. During the 1930s, Dupont refined the process of attaching sturdy Chinese lacquer over metal while World War II caused Dupont to shift gears due to limited resources. As a result, Dupont invented the first petrol lighter that was small enough for a consumer's pocket.

About S.T. Dupont Pens

In 1973, S.T. Dupont began producing luxury ballpoint pens. The first one released by the company was called the "Classique," and Dupont's artisans made the pen from solid silver. Collectors of fine products purchased the writing units since they were useable and durable. Furthermore, early Dupont pens were stylish and unique, which is a tradition that the company has maintained.

S.T Dupont Taj-Mahal Fountain Pen/White Lacquer w/Mother of PearlDupont Defi Carbon Fibre Palladium Pen/Fountain Pen SetS.T. Dupont Large Fountain Pen 481645M Platinum GoldDupont Liberte Mini Pearly Coral Palladium Trim Ballpoint

Each pen features an identification number that the company etches into the writing device's clip. In addition, the company's crafters hand lacquer each unit with a sturdy solution that comes from the Rhus Vernicifera tree's sap. A Dupont pen includes hours of craftsmanship as artisans apply several lacquer layers to each pen. Consequently, each writing instrument will feel silky smooth when the owner writes with it.

Dupont Orpheo XL 481408M Fountain Pen/Mother of PearlS.T. Dupont Elysee Fountain Pen Black w/14Kt Med NibDupont 2005 Medici Limited Edition Olympio XL Fountain PEn

Dupont pens include precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. In addition, the company completes an extensive amount of quality testing and puts each writing device through 200 steps before it introduces the pen to the market.

The Olympio Fountain Pen

S.T. Dupont introduced the Olympio edition pen in several different countries and used two different model names. In the United States, the writing device was called the "Olympio" while in other countries, Dupont called the pen "Orpheo." Therefore, if collectors want a classic Dupont pen, then they can buy a device with either model name, and they'll have a writing unit from the same line. Initially, the company produced the model in two sizes, which was large and extra-large. Later, Dupont released a smaller size in the line called the "Fidelio."

S.T. Dupont Olympio Vertigo XL Fountain Pen. Handcrafted Lacquer-18k Gold M NibS.T. Dupont Olympio Fountain Pen

The larger pens feature an 18-karat gold nib while the smaller model's mechanism is 14-karat gold. Collectors will appreciate the model's fine detailing as artisans produce the device's engraving lines with a slight reduction to create a faceted effect.

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Dupont Rollerball Pens

Collectors can purchase contemporary rollerball pens manufactured by the S.T. Dupont Company. For instance, the "Defi" model is on today's market. The pen's base is black, and it features palladium finishes as well as a composite carbon fiber base. The "Liberte" model is another rollerball pen that collectors can buy in a variety of colors including black, red and blue. Dupont manufactures the model in a slender shape for women.

S.T. Dupont Chairman Laque de Chine Brown Marble RollerballS.T. Dupont Vertigo II Limited Edition Rollerball PenS.T Dupont Limited Edition 5th Avenue Roller Ball
A few samples of beautiful, luxurious Dupont rollerball pens.

When collectors locate the "Elysee" rollerball pen, they will have found a stylish edition. The writing device is named after one of the most famous streets in the world, which features expensive properties. Therefore, the "Elysee" includes high-end embellishments such as gold plating and lacquered brass.

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Dupont Ballpoint Pens

The S.T. Dupont Company also manufactures ballpoint pens, and collectors will find that the company's models are stylish and well made. Design options include the "Taj Mahal," which is a silver writing instrument with ornate engravings near the top, middle and tip of the pen. The "Bille" model is another ballpoint pen produced by Dupont. The writing instrument is gold with a striped pattern over the body and cap. In addition, the model has the name "Dupont" embossed into the middle section. Collectors may come across classic Dupont ballpoint pens for sale with their original boxes and paperwork.

S.T. Dupont Elysee Ballpoint Pen Black Lacquer-Gold 415574S.T. Dupont Elysee Ballpoint Pen Black Lacquer & Gold PN 415574Dupont Audrey Hepburn Liberte Thematic Edition BallpointDupont Elysee Traditional Gold Lines Ball Point


S.T. Dupont is a creator of fine writing units, and when collectors purchase one of the company's pens, they'll have a valuable writing instrument that they'll treasure.