Sailor Pens & Pencils

Sailor pens are renowned for their quality and classic style. In addition, the company's nibs are popular with pen collectors. Sailor produces a variety of pen designs and sizes.

Sailor Pen Company History

Mr. Kyugoro Sakata began the Sailor Pen Company during 1911 in Hiroshima, Japan. The engineer was inspired by a British sailor's fountain pen. Therefore, he decided to make his own writing devices. Today, the company's mission is to make the world's finest and most elegant fountain pens.

Sailor Kaga Makie Kinsai GoldSailor King of Pen Makie Outer Space Golden Cosmos Whole BodySailor Kaga Makie Kinsai Gold Makie Kiku Chrysanthemum Flower

The first Sailor pens were eyedropper models, which are a rarity on today's vintage pen market. The company avoided making pens with rubber sac ink containers because they were hard to replace and decayed quickly in Japan's hot summers.

After World War II, the company released a pen line that featured colorful bases made from celluloid. Sailor produced the pens from 1948 until 1956. The company also branded the pen with the name "Sailor" in English. The Sailor Pen Company has continued to introduce new pen lines throughout the years. Today, collectors can purchase vintage or new Sailor pens.

About Sailor Pens

The company currently makes fountain pens and other writing units in its Hiroshima plant. In fact, it is the oldest Japanese pen company that still develops writing devices. Furthermore, Sailor includes a lifetime guarantee with each pen that it produces. The company is also recognized for its nibs, and experts frequently call Sailor nibs the best in the world. To ensure the quality of its pens, the company tests each writing unit at the factory. During testing, Sailor adds ink to a pen and writes with it. The company then cleans the writing device thoroughly and packages it for shipping.

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Tips for Collectors

In most cases, vintage Sailor pens that were produced before World War II feature flat tops and the Sailor logo, which is written in English. While the war was ongoing, the company printed the Sailor brand in Japanese. Therefore, collectors can look for these details when they consider adding a pen to their collection. Unfortunately, the war caused the company's records to be destroyed. For some collectors, the lost records add an element of mystery to accumulating Sailor pens because documentation regarding the makes and models of the company's early pens no longer exists. As a result, collectors may come across unknown vintage models and styles.

Keep an eye out for collectible Sailor boxes. For instance, some of the celluloid models may include their original box. Early boxes are frequently white with red and blue coloring. The Sailor brand is over the red stripe, and the company displayed its logo in white.

Sailor Pen Models

The Sailor Pen Company currently creates fountain and ballpoint pens along with mechanical pencils. In addition, collectors can purchase vintage products.

Sailor Susutake Fountain Pen

If collectors are patient, then they may come across rare vintage pens. For Instance, the Sailor Susutake Fountain Pen is a signed model with a 21-karat gold nib. The pen's exterior is smoked bamboo, which is a special product as the company harvested the bamboo from antique Japanese thatched roof homes. In fact, some of the bamboo may be more than 150 years old. The base is a natural brown hue with color variations due to the company's use of a raw product.

Boxed Sailor Sustake Smoked Bamboo Cross Emperor Multiple Layer Nib Fountain PenSailor Sustake Smoked Bamboo Cross Emperor Multiple Layer Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Cross Emperor Fountain Pen (Closed View)

Vintage Celluloid Sailor Pens

Collectors can purchase vintage fountain Celluloid Sailor Pens. The product is available in numerous marbleized colors such as green and red. In addition, the pen model has a 14-karat gold nib and features a lever ink-filling device. Classic versions include the words "Sailor Fountain Pen" engraved on the base along with the name "Sailor" embossed on its gold clip.

Parley Sailor Pens

The company released the Parley line during 1948. The pen model features a streamlined design along with a bulb-filling ink system. When collectors purchase a classic Parley Pen, they are likely to appreciate the unusual joist fittings as the barrel and the tip section have unique curves that slide together like a puzzle.

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Silver Sailor Pens

The company's Silver Pen collection features a variety of barrel patterns. For instance, Sailor made the model in a small or a large silver plaid design. The company embossed the name "Sailor" horizontally across the bottom of the clip and added black to the pen's tip section. The clip is also silver, and the pen's quality nib ensures that collectors will enjoy using their Silver pen.

Sterling Silver Sailor Fashionable 925 21KT fountain Pen Med Nib Point2012 Sailor Whole Body Sterling Silver 21KT Naginata TogiSailor Ultraslim Chalana Silver Barley Black Accents 18K Gold Extra Fine Nib

Tsuru Sailor Fountain Pen

When collectors locate a Tsuru Sailor Pen, they will have the opportunity to buy a classic writing unit. The pen is black with a yellow design near the tip. Sailor included a silver nib as well as silver enhancements along the bottom of the clip and lengthwise down the base.

1911 Executive Sailor Fountain Pen

The 1911 Executive Pen features a classic black base and ribbed surface. The company added a 21-karat gold nib along with 24-karat gold plating. Sailor even included gold plating for the pen's trim and clip. To give pen owners a better writing range, the company produced the 1911 Executive pen in a longer size. Specifically, the pen's size allows writers to complete smoother strokes and use an array of angles. To fill the writing unit with ink, pen owners can purchase a cartridge or fill the mechanism with an inkwell and a converter.

1911 Large Fountain Pen

Sailor also produces a Large Fountain Pen under the 1911 brand. The writing device has a translucent barrel as well as a gold clip and nib. The pen's enhancements are also gold. The transparent resin material combined with the gold provides visual interest while the nib's 21-karat gold construction ensures durability. Collectors can choose to add ink to the pen with a cartridge or a converter. The company embossed the name "Sailor" horizontally across the gold bottom of the clip.

Sailor 1911 Makie Maki-e Tombo Dragonfly Fountain PenSailor 1911 Profit Large 21K Cross EmperorSailor Large Profit ST 1911 The King of Pen 21kt

1911 Large Naginata-Togi

When consumers prefer a traditional fountain pen, they should bring home Sailor's 1911 Large Naginata-Togi model. The company produces the writing unit from black resin. In addition, the pen features a 21-karate gold medium-fine nib along with a silver clip. The pen also has silver bands around the top of the pen, encircling the bottom of the clip and near the tip. Sailor embossed its name horizontally in the silver section around the bottom of the cap.

Sailor 1911 Large 21 Silver Profit 21 Naginata Togi Fountain PenSailor 1911 Profit 30th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Briar Wood Fountain PenSailor Profit 1911 Large Rhodium Trim Black Gold 21K Naginata-Togi Med Nib F.P.Special Sailor Profit 1911 Naginata Emperor M Double LayerSailor 1911 Naginata Togi Large Maroon Fountain Pen


The Sailor Pen Company creates valuable writing units that pen connoisseurs will appreciate owning. Collectors can add new and old Sailor pens to their writing device collection or use them daily.