Sheaffer Pen & Pencil Collectibles/Vintage-New-Sets

Walter A. Sheaffer received his first pen patent in 1908. The official government documentation was for the pen designer's self-filling pen invention. When he saw pens made by other innovators, Sheaffer was determined to create his own writing device. In 1913, Walter A. Sheaffer began his pen manufacturing company in Fort Madison, Iowa. The pen business started as a small enterprise since the innovator initially made his pens in a backroom of his jewelry store. Sheaffer began production with his lever-filling fountain pen. Currently, the company is a subsidiary of the Bic Corporation, which manufactures most Sheaffer pens from its Italy plant.

Vintage Burnham #50 Sheaffer Fountain Pen C-1952

The Sheaffer Pen Corporation built pens that featured Walter A. Sheaffer's original lever-filler mechanism through the 1940s, and in 1949, the company began using the Touchdown pneumatic-filling device for its quality fountain pens. A benefit of the Touchdown design was the Snorkel feature, which included a small tube that extended below the nib to prevent users from dipping the mechanism into an inkwell while they were handling the plunger element. Sheaffer made the last Snorkel pen model in 1959. It was a large writing implement manufactured for men. The pen featured an inlaid nib, which the company now adds to all of its quality pens.

During the 1950s, Sheaffer pens included an ink cartridge design for bottled ink. The company also made a pen that it called the Targa, which was a superior model that the company built in approximately 80 different finishes. Sheaffer offered the Targa pen in a slim and classic size. Today, collectors can buy premium Sheaffer pens, such as the Legacy and the Valor editions, with an inlaid nib. The company also manufactures a variety of pen styles including fountain and ballpoint pens along with rollerball writing devices and mechanical pencils.

Sheaffer Touchdown Craftsman Blue Fountain PenSheaffer Imperial Fountain PenVintage Sheaffer Fountain Pen/Classic Black Crest Gold CapSheaffer White Dot Lifetime Fountain Pen Military StyleSheaffer Targa 683 Medici Diamond Classic Fountain Pen
Any of these beautiful Sheaffer pens would be a great addition to any collection!

Vintage 1920s Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Collectors may consider adding a vintage 1920s Sheaffer fountain pen to their collection of writing devices. The company made the quality unit in a variety of colors including Jade Green, black and silver. The stylish fountain pen features celluloid plastic material as well as a matching cap and gold accents on the base. Collectors will notice the 14-karat gold nib in addition to the company's name engraved on the clip.

1920's Sheaffer Flat Top 2MC Fountain Pen Gold TrimLarge Vintage 1920s Sheaffer Hard Rubber Fountain PenVintage Sheaffer Fountain Pen 1920s Oversize Lifetime Jade
A few antique Sheaffer pen models from the 1920's. Almost a century old!

Vintage 1930s Sheaffer Fountain Pen

A traditional 1930s Sheaffer fountain pen is available in a variety of colors. However, collectors will find the Tiger's Eye design with the gold and black striped plastic base especially striking. The pen is 5 inches long and features a 14-karat solid gold nib as well as the Sheaffer name engraved on its clip. Owners can fill the pen with their choice of ink while the unique coloring will add interest to a collector's accumulation of vintage writing devices.

1939 Sheaffer Lifetime Lady Balance Fountain PenVintage Sheaffer 1930s Striated Fountain Pen1930's Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen Marine Green CelluloidSheaffer Jr Fountain Pen Red Veined Grey Cearl 1930
The 1930's Sheaffer fountain pens are highly sought after collectibles today!

Another 1930s classic fountain pen made by Sheaffer is the Fat 875, which features a lifetime guarantee. The mechanism measures 5 1/8 inches, and collectors will appreciate the device's traditional onyx black base along with the gold enhancements. The model has the company's side lever fill system. Also, owners can load the writing mechanism with their preferred type of ink. Collectors will notice the name Sheaffer embossed on the pen's nib while the company used 14-karat solid gold to make the tip.

Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen Set 3 piece w/CaseSheaffer Lifetime Balance Set Carmine Red Striped MilitarySheaffer Sovereign 14K Gold Filled Pen/Pencil SetSheaffer Statesman 1000 Fountain Pen 14K Nib Pencil Set
Pen sets are highly sought after collectibles today and Sheaffer is no stranger to my display!

Sheaffer Push Button Cap Fountain Pen

With the Sheaffer push button fountain pen, collectors will have a unique writing device. The pen features an elegant gold base, and buyers may find the item with its original display box.

Vintage Sheaffer Imperial Lady Brushed Fountain PenVintage Lady Sheaffer Balance Lever Fill Fountain Pen Vintage Lady Sheaffer Fountain/Ball Pen Set w/Case
Some nice Lady Sheaffers from years gone bye.

1940s Fat Tuckaway Pen

Sheaffer's Tuckaway pen is stylish and likely to increase in value as it ages. Collectors will locate it on the market in forest green. It also has an eye-catching stainless steel cap with gold accents on the clip and cap strip. The model is 4 5/8 inches long and includes the company's Touchdown fill system. When pen collectors buy a Sheaffer Tuckaway pen, they will receive a 14-karat solid gold nib.

1940s Sheaffer Stratowriter Tuck away Pen Ballpoint w/Box1949 Sheaffer W D Statesman Fountain Pen1940's Sheaffer Tuckaway Fountain Pen/Pencil set 14K Gold Nib'
Three samples of Shaeffer's fountain pens from the 1940's. Tuckaway's w/original boxes!

Sheaffer Mechanical Pencils

The Sheaffer Company is famous for making quality mechanical pencils, and collectors can purchase different vintage models based upon his or her preference. For instance, the blue chrome edition features a classic blue shade on its lower base along with a silver upper section. The company embossed the name Sheaffer's on the pencil's clip while the writing unit's 4.75 inch size is easy to use.

Black-Gold Sheaffer Utility Mechanical Pencil 9mm Lead w/EraserAntique Sheaffer's Gold Filled 1920s Senior Flat Top Mechanical Pencil1930s Sheaffer's Mechanical Golfer Pencil Grey-Redvintage sheaffer Craig Pencil Mandarin YellowSheaffer Imperial Gold Filled Trim 9mm Lead Pencil
A few nice collectible Sheaffer mechanical pencils. Check out the golf pencil in the middle!


By purchasing a Sheaffer pen, collectors will add a valuable piece to their collection of writing devices. Sheaffer pens are quality items that the company builds for durability and longtime use. Collectors can use their vintage pen as a display piece or for their everyday writing needs.

 SHEAFFER PFM V BLACK, Vintage Fountain Pen 1959Sheaffer PFM Fountain Pen Grey1954 Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel Fountain Pen