Pelikan Pen & Pencil Vintage Collectibles

Pelikan Pen History

In 1838, chemist Carl Hornemann began blending and selling ink color. Later, he started his own ink plant in Hanover, Germany. Guenther Wagner took over the ink company during 1871, and in 1878, he recorded his family crest, which included a Pelican, as the company's new brand. In fact, the logo was one of Germany's first trademarks. Wagner expanded the company and built a plant in Eger. The new plant allowed Pelikan to deliver merchandise to Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

Pelikan 400 NN Green Lined Piston Filler Pen EF nibPelikan 730 Fountain Pen w/Sterling Cap Twist Knob 18K Fine Nib

During 1929, Pelikan introduced its first fountain pen. The writing device featured a striking green base, a contemporary ink flow mechanism and a clear ink window, which allowed pen owners to see when they were low on ink. The pen's technologically advanced ink flow device was called the differential piston filling system. The mechanism gave owners a writing unit with a large ink capacity. In 1934, Pelikan released a less expensive fountain pen model named the "Rappen." The company also introduced a mechanical pencil with the brand name "AUCH-Pelikan" during the same year. Today, Pelikan manufactures a variety of writing devices including fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens along with mechanical pencils and markers. Vintage pen collectors should consider buying a Pelikan product as the company's manufacturing is unsurpassed.

The 400

After the end of World War II, Germany's industrial age began, and during the boom, Pelikan released its 400 fountain pen model. Collectors will recognize the fountain pen by its green and black striped base. The 400 became the most purchased fountain pen in its prices range. In addition to its bright body color, the pen features a 14-karat gold nib along with a gold band around the cap.

Pelikan 400 NN Tortoise rare 2 hole 14C DF NibVintage Pelikan 400 NN Light Tortoise Piston Fountain PenVintage Pelikan 400 Piston-filler Green Stripped 1950's1950s Pelikan 400 Fountain Pen Gold Nib Size: EF Green StripePelikan M400 Milka Piston Fountain Pen Black/Green/Gold Nib
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The 100N

In 1942, Pelikan made an eye-catching mother of pearl fountain pen with a hard rubber cap and barrel. The pen's nib is 14-karat gold while the clip and rings are gold-plated. The writing unit features a piston filler element as well as the company's emblem on the top. It also has the name "Pelikan" engraved above the clip on the cap.

1942 Pelikan 100 N Grey-Black-Mother of Pearl Fountain PenVintage Pelikan 100 Fountain PenVintage Pelikan 100 Broad NibPelikan Patent 100 FP 14K Gold Nib OM Ink Window
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The 140

Pelikan released the 140 fountain pen in 1952 and produced the writing device until 1953. Collectors may locate the fountain pen in red, which is a rare color. The pen features two gold bands with one in the middle of the base and one near the top of the device. The clip is also gold, and when the pen is uncapped, it sports a bright green band.

1952 Pelikan Set 140 Dountain Pen 350 MP-355 BP 14K 585 OB1958 Pelikan 140 Pen 14K Flex Nib-FineVintage Pelikan 140 Green Striated Fountain PEn fine nib w/original boxPelikan 140 Nib section unit M 1960'sVintage Pelikan 140 Green Striated 14 C KF Nib
Samples of the Pelikan 140 pen series. What a great pen for any collector or fountain pen enthusiast!

The 500 NN

From 1955 through 1959, Pelikan manufactured the 500 NN Fountain Pen. Collectors will locate vintage models in an attractive tortoise brown design with a 14-karat gold nib. The 500 NN has a gold cap as well as black enhancements, which add contrasting elements to the pen.

Pelikan 500 NN Fountain Pen Rolled Gold TortoisePelikan 500 NN Roll Gold Tortoise Vintage Fountain Full View1954 Pelikan 500 NN RG Cap Tortoise Brown Flexible OBB NibPelikan 500NN Fountain Pen Piston Filler 14Kt NibPelikan 500 NN Gunther Wagner
The Pelikan 500 NN fountain pen is one of Pelikans most sought after models amongst collectors.

The Pelikano

The company introduced its popular Pelikano pen in 1960. The writing device was a school fountain pen that the company's designers made with direction from handwriting educators and expert fountain pen creators. The Pelikano features an ergonomic design and an advanced ink cartridge filling system. The writing device was highly recommended by teachers, and within a few months, it became the most popular school fountain pen.

Pelikano P456 Fountain Pen Green Fine Nib/New w/BoxPelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Close Up LogoSeafoam Green Pelikano Fountain Pen 1980s NOSPelikan Fountain Pen Pelikano 1980s Red1970 Pelikano Cartridge Pen/Blue with Original Box

The affordable Pelikano is a Pelikan classic!

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The Tintentiger

In 1972, Pelikan launched its first ink eliminator pen, which it called the "Tintentiger." The pen's royal blue ink was erasable making it a handy writing device. The company changed the name of the pen to "Pelikan Tintenblitz" in 1974, and a few years later, it changed the name again. The pen's final name was "Super-Pirat."

1952 Pelikan Set 140 Fountain Pen 350 MP 355 Ballpoint 14K 585 OBVintage Red Pelikan 140 Fountain w/Original Box1980s Pelikan M730 Fountain Pen 18Kt Nib w/Original BoxVintage Pelikan P1 Piston Filler Burgundy Gold Fountain PenPelikan Sahara Yellow Fountain Pen 18K Nib
Some nice collectibles above. An early flexible nib below.
Pelikan Piston Fill Fountain Pen Nib shown Flexing OutEarly Pelikan Piston Fill Fountain Pen Flex Nib Close Up View

The 250

In the 1980s, Pelikan released a quality fountain pen, which it called the "250." Collectors can buy the rare writing device in maroon. In addition, the 250 has a 14-karat gold nib along with the company crest formed on the clip. Collectors may also notice the pelican depiction on the top of the pen.

New Pelikan M250 Burgandy Old Style Fountain PenPelikan Gift Set M250 Fountain Pen/K250 BallpointPelikan M 250 Fountain Pen 14K 585 M nib/Black w/Gold Plated TrimsVtg Pelikan 250 Fountain Pen Blk 14K Med Tip-1980s1990s Pelikan R 250 Rollerball Brown Tortoise
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The 450 Green Acrylic Demonstrator

Pelikan introduced the 450 model in 1951 and continued making the writing device until 1954. The vintage writing implement is a rare cut out pencil featuring a green base and a gold clip. It also has several gold bands that circle the pencil near the writing tip. Collectors should look for the storage container, which is accessible through the end of the pencil.

1952 Pelikan 450 Green Acrylic Demonstrator Cut Out Pencil1952 Pelikan 450 Grn Acrylic Demonstrator Pencil Clip End Close Up1952 Pelikan 450 Green Acrylic Demonstrator Full View52' Pelikan 450 Green Acrylic Demonstrator Cut Out Pen Tip View


The Pelikan Company has a long history of creating quality products, and the company's current line of pens will surely be collectibles for the next generation. Today, vintage Pelikan pens are a valuable writing device from the past.

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