Visconti Pens-Pencils-Sets

Visconti is an Italian pen company that has been producing a variety of writing devices for more than 20 years. When collectors purchase a Visconti product, they will have a beautiful pen made by a company that focuses on value and style.

Company History

In 1988, Dante Del Vecchio began the Visconti pen company. The pen designer opened his factory in an ancient 15th century villa where his team creates traditional writing devices such as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens. To make the pens, Visconti artisans study vintage writing units as well as modern techniques used in today's pen production.

Visconti Rembrant Variegated Red Resin Rollerball Pen-Logo on Clip

About Visconti Pens

Visconti focuses on innovation as the company mixes traditional research methods with unique colors and designs. The company also pays homage to well-known cultural representations, such as world famous art, history or current events, for its pen designs. As a result, Visconti has released writing device models inspired by the Forbidden City, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

When the company begins a new pen line, it uses state-of-the-art materials as well as expert artisanship and classic production methods. Celluloid is a popular pen material for Visconti writing devices since the company can make various styles and designs from the hard plastic. Furthermore, Visconti frequently manufactures limited edition lines that are more valuable.

Fountain Pen Models

The Visconti Company produces appealing fountain pens in a variety of colors and designs. For example, collectors can purchase Visconti's Rembrandt fountain pen in red. In designing the pen, the company found inspiration from the artist's painting technique known as chiaroscuro, which Rembrandt used to finish his art pieces. As a result, the pen's base appears to be hand painted. The company manufactured the model in Italian acrylic resin and added a fine stainless steel nib to the writing device. Visconti renovated its classic arc-shaped clip to include a spring mechanism. Furthermore, the clip is highly durable and includes the company's name stamped along the side. Collectors will also appreciate the writing utensil's silver enhancements, which add visual contrast to the pen.

Visconti Ponte Vecchio Fountain penVisconti Fountain Pen/Firenze Van Gogh CollectionVisconti Ponte Vecchio Fountain Pen/Cap RemovedVisconti Rembrandt Variegated Resin Black Fountain Pen Medium Nib
The Visconti line of fountain pens are luxurious, beautiful and well made.

The Divina Black model is another fountain pen. Moreover, it is an oversized version that features black Lucite material. The pen's design includes a pentagonal barrel with silver inlays, and the clip's spring-mounted construction offers flexibility in securing the pen to a shirt pocket or notebook. In addition, the writing unit's pull and turn plunger filling system provides convenience, and the Divina fountain pen's nib is made from 95 percent pure palladium.

Rollerball Models

Visconti's Ponte Vecchio rollerball pen is an eye-catching writing unit as its barrel features aged Italian celluloid. The pen's bright-colored base includes blue, black and orange while the end and tip sections are black. In addition, the Ponte Vecchio model has a gold ring around the base and a gold clip with a ball on the end.

Visconti Ponte Vecchio Vermeil Limited Edition RollerballVisconti Van Gogh Mini Rollerball Sandle BrownVisconti Van Gogh Roller Pen Starry Night 78418Visconti Rembrandt Variegated Red Resin Rollerball Pen
Rollerball pens are very popular today and Visconti offers many designer creations to choose from.

Ballpoint Models

The Visconti Opera ballpoint pen will add sophistication to a pen collection. The model's coating is caramel and white in a marbleized pattern. Furthermore, the pen has gold embellishments on the tip, end and clip. It also features a gold ring around the middle. When the company produced the Opera pen, it embossed the name "Visconti" in gold-colored print on a white background along the clip.

Ballpoint Pen Visconti Wall Street/Green 383vVisconti Wall Street Ballpoint Pen Burgundy Striated Close up Logo on BandBallpoint Visconti Opera Pen Caramel/Logo Close up ViewVisconti Opera Ballpoint Pen Blue Berry
The Visconti Wall Street & Opera ballpoint pens are highly sought after luxury pens today.

Visconti's Wall Street model is another ballpoint pen that collectors may consider buying. The writing device is burgundy and features a striated pattern. In addition, the pen has a gold tip, end and center ring. On the clip, collectors will see the company's name stamped in gold on a black background. Furthermore, the company placed the stamp lengthwise along the clip.

Visconti Rembrandt Red Ballpoint Pen Item 48490

Visconti Van Gogh Models

The Visconti Van Gogh edition pens are modeled after the artist's famous paintings. Collectors can buy a blue writing device based upon the artist's impressionist painting featuring himself in a yellow straw hat. The pen's base is blue with streaks of brown and dark yellow. Also, the writing unit has a silver clip with the name "Visconti" embossed along the side. The pen company added visual contrast with a silver ring around the middle. Additionally, the pen's end and tip are silver.

Visconti Van Gogh Impressionist Fountain Pen Portrait BlueVisconti Van Gogh Ball Point PenVisconti Van Gogh Impressionist Starry Night Eco-Roller Rollerball pen
The Visconti Van Gogh models will enhance any collection!

The Starry Night rollerball pen is another Visconti Van Gogh model. The pen's base is blue with streaks of green, yellow and brown. Upon inspection, collectors will locate the name "Visconti" stamped on the side of the clip. In addition, the company added a silver ring around the base's middle that features the name "Starry Night" embossed below the clip.


Visconti pens feature fine artisanship and style, which makes them highly collectible. Furthermore, collectors can buy vintage and new Visconti pens.