Vintage Wahl Pen-Pencil Collectibles

Wahl Company History

John Conrades Wahl invented one of the first typewriting machines in 1903, and in 1904, he created adding and subtracting attachments for the Remington typewriter. John Wahl began the Wahl Adding Machine Company in 1905 and entered the pen market after collaborating with Charles Keeran, who created the Eversharp mechanical pencil. The writing utensil's unique design featured an ultra-thin led that did not require sharpening. Keeran introduced his pencil in 1913, and later, in 1915, he moved his business to Chicago where he worked out a deal with Wahl.

Deco Wahl Eversharp Black/Gold Pen-Pencil Set w/Gold Seal Original Box

After Keeran was unable to keep up with the agreed upon production contract, Wahl was able to buy out his shares. The company began mass-producing Eversharp pencils. In fact, for a short time, the company changed its name to Wahl-Eversharp. Collectors may recognize an early Eversharp pencil by its added adornment. For example, one of Keeran's pencils is likely to feature engraved designs with spade-shaped clips while the Wahl version will have a simpler style with a flat, round clip. The mechanical pencil acquisition inspired Wahl to shift its focus to making writing devices. In 1917, Wahl-Eversharp bought out the Boston Fountain Pen Company, and by the 1920s, the company was an industry leader for the production of fountain pens. During the 1940s, Wahl-Eversharp changed its name again and became Eversharp.

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Classic Wahl fountain pens include self-filling and large capacity design elements. Furthermore, the company produced its pens from different materials like sterling silver or solid gold. Wahl even made pens with metal combinations. If a collector buys a traditional Wahl product, then it may include a gift box with the Wahl or Eversharp name. In addition, when a collector purchases a vintage Wahl pen, it is likely to feature a personal engraving since the pen company built its early writing devices with a blank space for personalization. Traditional Wahl pens have a remarkably smooth nib, which the company often mentioned in its advertisements.

1930s Bantam Wahl Eversharp Fountain Pen-Pencil Set Bulb FilledAntique 1930s Wahl Eversharp Gold-Silver Filled Propelling Pencil set w/Original BoxAntique Wahl Pen/Pencil Set Sterling Silver w/Original boxWahl Pen Set w/Cloth Case

Wahl Self-Filling Metal Pens

In 1921, Wahl released the first line of its self-filling pens. They featured metal construction instead of the metal overlay that many of the early pen companies used in their fountain pen designs. The pens were more lightweight than the models made by other companies, and in many cases, they were stronger. Wahl pens also had a larger ink capacity because the interior barrel space permitted the company to include a bigger ink sac.

Wahl Morocco Doric #3 Adjustable Nib Full ViewWahl Morocco Doric 3 Adjustable Nib Close Up ViewzWahl Doric Fountain Pen #7 Adjustable Nib Close up View
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Wahl Eversharp Doric Desk Fountain Pen in Green1920s Vintage Wahl Eversharp Doric Superflex Wahl Eversharp Doric Fountain Pen in Green

Wahl Hard Rubber Pens

The vintage pen market may offer collectors classic hard rubber pens produced by Wahl. The company included a variety of patterns, such as chevron and Grecian, in the base of its rubber pens.

Personal Point Line

Wahl waited to begin manufacturing plastic pens and did not produce one until 1929. The company's first plastic pen was the Personal Point Line. The model features an interchangeable nib system along with the Eversharp logo engraved on the nib's flat side. The model has a gold clip and a decorative design around the base.

Vintage Wahl Pen Set 14K M-Lined Gold Filled Boxed ClothWahl Oxford Fountain Pen Green/Gold Warranted 14K #3 Flexible NibVintage Wahl Eversharp Gold Filled Fountain Pen/Pencil Set
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Fifth Avenue Ballpoint Pen

In the late 1940s, the Eversharp Company made a fine ballpoint pen. When collectors pull off the cap, they'll locate the pen's refill element. The original writing device features a 14-karat gold-filled cap, which has an engraving of the Eversharp name. The company manufactured the pen in the United States, and it is 5.25 inches long. Furthermore, collectors can purchase the pen in burgundy or green.

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Kimberly Pockette Ballpoint Pen

The Eversharp Company produced the Kimberly Pockette writing device during the 1940s. Collectors can identify the pen by its black base and wide stainless steel center band. In addition, the band will have a label that states "Kimberly Pockette Made in USA." The writing device measures 3 3/8 inches long, and collectors may be fortunate enough to locate the pen with its original box, which features a tweed pattern.

Beautiful Wahl Eversharp Stenographer Pen Silver Web
Hard to find Wahl Stenographers Pen

Mechanical Pencils

Collectors of vintage writing utensils may enjoy adding an Eversharp mechanical pencil to their collection. In the late 1920s, the company manufactured the Eversharp Utility Mechanical Pencil in bright orange. The eye-catching device features a stainless steel clip and a twisting mechanism to expel the lead. The pencil has an eraser and is 5.5 inches long.

Black/Gold Eversharp Wahl Oxford Mechanical Pencil 1.1mm lead writesArt Deco Wahl Eversharp Propelling PencilVintage Signed Wahl Eversharp Gold Filled Mechanical PencilAntique Solid Sterling Silver Wahl Eversharp Propelling Pencil
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The Eversharp Ringtop Mechanical Pencil is another writing device produced by the company during the 1920s. It features a flashy gold base and measures 4 3/16 inches long. Eversharp made the pencil in the United States, and collectors should look for the Wahl Eversharp label under the crown.

Collectors who buy a vintage Wahl pen for modern use will have the opportunity to write visually appealing letters to family members and friends by using classic print or stylish calligraphy. Furthermore, a classic Wahl pen is attractive and likely to become more valuable over the years.